The design of mattresses has really changed and this has shortened the lifespan of mattresses. I assume you no longer trust any mattress manufacturer and you want to do it yourself either using locally available materials or components you have researched online.

However, you do not know where to start I have to tell you that you are lucky to have come to this page. Here I will show you a way you can customize what you want by building your own mattress.

Whether you want a foam, latex or spring mattress, I have the advice you need to create a comfortable and durable DIY mattress. Besides, you will be able to save hundreds of dollars buying a new mattress.

Benefits of building your own mattress

  • You can customize your own firmness
  • You can exercise your choice
  • You can keep off synthetic chemicals from your bed
  • You can make the mattress last longer

 Step 1: Take preliminary measurements

Before you get out purchasing the materials, you need to make your mattress. First, make some preparatory measurements. This may include measuring the height and width of the bed frame you intend to place the new (DIY) mattress.

This is one of the most cumbersome tasks but it is worth your time. Remember to make your measurements as accurate as possible to avoid shortage or wastage in the process. Read leesa mattress review to get inspires by the designes.

Step 2: Purchase your materials

Now that you know the required measurements, you can go shopping your material from a shop. While it may be hard to get a store with the exact measurements you are looking for, that should not bother you because you can cut them down to size once you get home.

One thing never to forget is the measurement of your bed frame. If you want to build a foam mattress, it is advisable to buy three sheets of memory foam.

One of them to be soft-medium firm, the other to be medium-firm while the other one is extra firm, this will help you get the proper amount of support as you sleep. In addition, important make sure the foam is ventilated to ensure good airflow.

Step 3: build your mattress

Now you have all the required materials at hand cut them down to size. Allow the foam enough time to uncurl and air out. In our case, we are making a memory foam mattress so we can start with the firm foam sheet as the base.

However, if you are making a latex mattress you can use a thick slab of latex as your base. Then place the medium-firm sheet on top ensuring it fits well at both ends and corners.

You may glue the two sheets together at the edges for stability. Once done, you can now add the softer layer on top and glue it at the edge this adds to the comfort of the firm base.

To this end, you have something that looks like a mattress. Now wrap it with your favorite cover and your mattress is ready for sleep. Fix it to your bed frame and cover it with your sheets.


A DIY mattress is a good option if you want to customize everything for yourself. Interestingly, making a mattress is simple if you have the right materials. As earlier mentioned, a DIY mattress is cheap to make, safe and meets individualized needs.

If you want to customize your DIY mattress today, just refer to the steps above and you will be good to go. Hoping you’ll enjoy sweet sleep on your new DIY mattress.