So you want to grow marijuana but don’t have the budget to buy expensive equipment? Well, don’t worry! You can still grow cannabis without spending loads of money and with so many alternative solutions out there it’s actually easier than you think. If you love cannabis and want to continue without giving up, then read on to find out how.

  • Seeds

Many people will tell you to start growing using bag seeds, but I honestly don’t recommend that. Yes, you can grow plants with your bag seeds, but without an inkling about the type of plant – autoflower, photoperiod, male, female – it becomes very difficult after a while. For instance, photoperiod plants need at least 18 hours of light and autoflowers need about 12 hours, and photoperiod plants will flower only after you switch them to the flowering cycle, so you’ll have no idea about the amount of light it needs.

In fact, this is the area where you shouldn’t try to save much because you can lose a lot of money when bag seeds fail to perform. You’ll end up with hermaphrodites (cannabis plants with both male and female characteristics) that are full of seeds. Also, you can get good seeds under $100. If buying seeds is not an option, you could ask your friends to spare some clones. Additionally, you can clone the plants once they reach a considerable size. In other words, you only need to buy seeds once and clone them later.

If you want more strains but don’t want to spend money, you can try fertilizing the seeds yourself. Note that this is for advanced growers as it’s not possible for a beginner to get best results when he’s inexperienced. Fertilizing seeds will definitely help you save money, but you’ll again face the problem of eliminating male plants because you want seedless cannabis.

Growing cannabis is fun but nobody wants to spend loads of time analyzing every minute detail, and that’s when the males can fertilize the female plants with their pollen. If you want to avoid this, you have two options where you can buy feminized seeds to save time and money, or you can make your own feminized seeds using colloidal silver. It’s an advanced technique where you’ll need a lot of skill and experience, but once you have several grows under your belt, it should be a breeze.

  • Switch to LEDs

If you’re growing cannabis plants using HIDs, you’re in for a world of hurt because although the lights are powerful and make your happy, they draw a lot of power that could be detrimental for you. Never mind the electric bill, but you’ll also have to worry about not raising the suspicions of your local authorities.

The best way to reduce the power consumption is to switch to LEDs that draw very little power. Make a list of some of the best LED Grow lights that catch your eye and take a look at the actual power draw to find out exactly how much you’ll need to spend. LEDs were definitely inferior to HIDs when they were released, but as technology has advanced to a huge extent, LEDs are now outperforming HIDs, so look for the best led grow lights.

  • Grow Tent

Grow tents were expensive earlier, but you can now purchase some very large ones under $100! Many people try to build their own grow tents, but although it made sense earlier when grow tents were hard to afford, today, you might end up spending more while building your grow tent instead of purchasing them.

If you’re too creative though, go ahead and build your grow tent because it gives you the luxury to customize everything according to your requirements. Also, the best way to start as a beginner is to convert a small closet into a grow room if you don’t have space at home.