Today tiny houses have become a new mobile workspace. Many people are utilizing tiny houses as a mobile workspace in two very distinct capacities. The first is using their tiny house as a mobile, smaller home which they park on land related to their job. Individuals who might have previously been limited by their location or a long distance between their current residence and the place of work they have been offered are no longer forced to look elsewhere for job opportunities. Now, individuals in certain career fields can simply take their tiny homes and move them to the location where their skills are needed most.

Jobs and ADUs

There are jobs that make it legal for you to live inside an ADU. If this is the case then you can legitimately live in your tiny house on your employer’s land. So legally speaking if you get a job that allows you to live in such a housing unit, you can simply park it in the office parking lot and that could be your place of residence. One job in particular were this works out well is eldercare. If you are providing eldercare you could theoretically park your tiny home on the rental property of the employer. This is just one facet of the growing trend to utilize tiny houses of a mobile workspace, so your choice is tiny homes for sale in KY.

Home offices

The second facet of using tiny houses for mobile workspaces is not just literally moving your home to where you work but rather working out of your home. Statistically speaking many of the people involved in the original tiny house movement sought a way to avoid the expenses of a mortgage especially when they were dealing with starting small companies or working from home. In fact many people who work from home among the younger generation preferred the idea of a tiny house because it gives them a cheaper place from which to operate. Digital nomads, for example, who like to travel the world can have a resting place, a base of operations as it were in the form of a tiny house. This saves on money and affords the ability to travel for work and work from wherever there is an Internet connection but it also gives the opportunity to work from home inside of the tiny home when they are not traveling. Many people who work in this capacity need nothing more than a computer and Internet connections so they have the freedom to park their tiny house where it is permitted and then work out of their small office space. This reduces the overhead costs of being an entrepreneur and affords a great deal of flexibility. Thankfully tiny houses can be constructed such that there is a somewhat separate area of the small structure which functions as an office for tax write off purposes.

That said, there are certain cities that allow individuals to live inside a tiny house temporarily but not on a permanent basis. Therefore, you can benefit greatly from using a tiny house as a vacation property especially if you put it somewhere that you love to visit. You can rent it out as an accessory dwelling unit to earn extra income when you are not technically living/working in it. One nice aspect to this is that theoretically you can build a tiny house on your property or the property of a family member or friend for when you are at home. Then, as a digital nomad or entrepreneur, you can rent it out as an accessory dwelling unit when you are not living in it. This is a way to achieve the perfect balance between extra income and a livable working space.