Winter Collection Debut! November 15 2013

Good morning polish lovers! Today, November 15th 2013, we will be releasing 12 new shades! 9 shades are part of our new Winter Collection. The ninth shade in this collection, "Be-Claus I love You" will actually be sold in hopes of raising money for the Salvation Army. All profits from the sale of this particular polish will be going to them. Hopefully we can bring a little holiday cheer to those less fortunate. 

This years winter collection is a little different from years past. We wanted to do shades that could be worn all year instead of catering to specific holidays. We think these shades are fabulous representations of the kind of bold color combinations and outstanding formula that Pretty & Polished is known for. We truly hope you will enjoy all the shades and we wish you all a very happy winter and holiday season!!

Winter Collection Round-up!

"Winter? I hardly know her!" - A color changing nail polish that changes from white to blue when cold. You will find this polish to be packed with white and blue glitters. Reminiscent of the icy snowy winter. 

"Babes in Boyland" - A light creamy blue base with bright pink glitters and white rectangles, hex, and diamonds!

"Haute-y and Nice" - A polish inspired by winter runway fashion! This polish has a creamy gray base and is packed with purples, blues, pinks, and gray glitter!

"Fireside Kiss" - This polish is a sexy and romantic deep red jelly shade packed with bright sparkling pink shimmer and a pop of occasional green, blue, and purple sparkle. 

"Don't Quit Your Holi-Day Job" - A creamy white base packed with all sorts of brightly colored glitters. Inspired by the holiday shopping rush! 

"Ornament Smash Reloaded" - Our first winter collection had a polish called "Ornament Smash" and our customers LOVED it! This year we are bringing Ornament Smash back and it is better than ever! This polish was made to look like someone took a box of ornaments and just threw them into a grinder! The perfect topper for any manicure. 

"Icy What You Did There!" - This polish is sure to be a showstopper! It's a deep blue holographic shade that is perfect for any and every skin tone!

"String Cleaning" - This polish is a little bit more Holiday Traditional. Its a gorgeous green cream with a red to green color shifting sparkle and is packed with circle glitters that remind us of Christmas String Lights!

"Be-Claus I Love You" - Our charity polish this year is an adorable glitter topper packed with red, white, and iridescent glitters to really bring out your inner Santa baby. Remember, it's for a good Claus!


We will also be releasing 3 new color changing thermal nail polishes with this years Winter Collection. 

"Pieces of You" is a gorgeous deep blue jelly polish with icy blue shred glitter that changes to a deep purple jelly when cold. Perfect for cold winter weather!

"Animagi" is a lovely holographic shade that is black when cold and purple when warmed up by either your natural body temperature or by placing your fingers in warm water etc. This polish was inspired by the famous Harry Potter books. 

"Hybrid" is sure to be a best seller! This polish is one of our coveted 3 part changing polishes! It is a gorgeous purple when cold, a medium blue when room temperature, and a white or light blue when hot! It also has lovely blue shimmer swimming throughout. 


We have also made some special bath and body products for the season. Please check out our new Sugar Scrubs in scents like Sugar Yum Plum, Very Merry Cranberry, Mocha-Doodle, Peppermint Bark, and an intriguing Chocolate Covered Bacon which we think is the perfect gift for your male counterparts! 

We look forward to all the feedback from our amazing supporters and customers about these 12 new shades! 


Happy Holidays from Pretty & Polished!