2/10 Press Release February 10 2014

Good morning Pretty & Polished Fans! We have a lot of news for you today. As you can tell by looking at our website, we have updated everything and have made our website easier to navigate. You can now use our wishlist tool to add polishes you like or plan to purchase in the future to a list! This is a really great feature and we hope you will enjoy it!


We also want to FINALLY give you the details on all of our new polishes coming out! On March 1st we will be releasing 2 new collections, "Spring FX", and "A New Equation". 

"Spring FX" is a four part collection that has a little something for everyone who loves our effects polishes. 

  • "My Friend Dahlia" changes from a holographic purple jelly when cold to a bright holographic pink when warm! You can see a quick video of it here: My Friend Dahlia on Youtube 
  • "Fields of Poppy" is a gorgeous Poppy Creme polish with a lovely holographic shimmer. 
  • "Disguise the Limit" is a lovely shade of blue with color shifting shimmer and a strong holographic glow. 
  • "Green Eyes and Stormy Skies" is a deep dark duo-chrome shade that transitions from a green to a purple at different angles and has a lovely holographic shimmer!

You can check this collection out now at: Spring FX


"A New Equation" is our newest additions to our  "Adventure Time" themed polishes. This collection will have 6 brand new polishes based off of the Fionna & Cake episodes. 

  • "Ma Ma Ma My Fionna" has a light blue crelly base and is packed with white, blue, green, and yellow glitters to remind you of the beautiful and brave Fionna from Adventure Time. 
  • "Catnip! Sweet Babies!" is our new color based off of Cake from Adventure Time. You will find this creamy white base packed with caramel hexes and the perfect shade for Fionnas forever faithful pal.
  • "Prince and Repeat" is a gorgeous pink creme based polish packed with his royal Highness's trademark colors. This polish is simply Prince Gumball in a bottle, without the stickiness!
  • "Ice Ice Lady" is a really fun white crelly polish. Although the Ice Queen herself cannot be trusted, you can trust that this polish is a winning look! You will find blue, red, and gold glitters swimming in this white base. 
  • "Bad Little Boy" is our dark and evil presentation of Marshall Lee from Adventure Time. This polish is a lovely red jelly packed with menacing black glitters and a touch of blue that pops!
  • "Dots and Dashes" represents Lord Monochromicorn, the gender-swapped version of Lady Rainicorn. Unlike Lady Rainicorn, he is dark and dashingly handsome (according to Cake) and communicates with Morse Code. We think this polish is quite clever! 

You can check this collection out now at: A New Equation


We will also be releasing two new additions to our "Country Girl Swag" Collection! 

  • "Sugar in a Sundress" is a sweet pale yellow creme with a beautiful shimmer and blue glitters.
  • "Barefoot in Dixie" is a gorgeous medium green creme with green, purple, and pink glitters.

You can see these gorgeous new additions here: Country Girl Swag


Along with all these lovely new polish additions we will be adding a few more polishes including two new color changers!

  • "Kimono'ver Here" is a red to gold color changer with iridescent multi-colored and gold flakes. Here is a quick video: Kimono'ver Here at Youtube 
  • "Old World Blues" is a color changers that goes from a holographic blue to a holographic white/silver. Here is a quick video: Old World Blues on Youtube 

Swatches of these two beauties will be up shortly. The videos don't really give them the credit they deserve. 



Another exciting addition to the Pretty & Polished line is our new Beauty Boxes! These are exclusive boxes that we will be shipping out to our customers who order them every month. You will be getting exclusive products and sneak peeks at new products! For more information about this exciting new addition please read here:

Beauty Box


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We look forward to hearing your thoughts about all of our new products and promotions!


Team P&P