Welcome to Pretty & Polished online shop! November 15 2012

Welcome to our new home! We hope you will all join us here and enjoy your new Pretty & Polished shopping experience!

Please let us know if you see any issues with the site or if their are any bugs that need attention. 

We are so pleased to be bringing you a whole new site as well as plenty of new products. Some of the new or updated products you may see on your shopping trip include:

Jewelry, Nail Art, Cuticle Care, and even some new polishes! 

We will be adding more new items to our inventory over the next few months. 

With the new website comes new shipping rates. Here we will be doing shipping by cost of products purchased rather then having your shipping go up with each item bought.  Here are the details!

Domestic Shipping costs: 

$0 - $25 is $4 shipped

$25.01 - $50 is $6 shipped

$50.01 - $79.99 is $8 shipped

Any orders over $80 is free shipping!

International shipping costs:

Right now we are working on getting our international shipping in order. Your shipping will be in tiers as well ranging from $6 - $20.

We will make sure everyone has the details once we are able to open shipping to everywhere. 

Thank you and enjoy your shopping experience!