Pretty & Polished 2013 Fall Collection Sneak Peek! August 23 2013

Good morning polished ones! Today we have some great blog posts to share with you all about our 2013 Fall Collection, "Fall in Love..."

This collection is based off of something very personal to me, my Fall romance with my now husband. Our anniversary also happens to be September 5th, so what better way to celebrate than with the release of the collection?!

"Fall in Love..." is a TEN piece collection! You will find some typical fall colors in this collection along with some things that may not be so typical. We are offering you many different finishes this season! What you can be sure of though is that we brought you some shades that are IN and are sure to pop right off your nails this season!

Pumpking: A bright orange jelly with sparse golden red flakies that dries to a matte finish on your nails. This is a jelly so you may still have visible nail line after 2-3 layers. We recommend layering this polish over orange, white, or even black undies!

Rake my a Little Piece of my Heart: An off white crelly polish packed with fall colors in different shapes and sizes. We recommend 2 layers with this polish. 

How's About a Roll in the Hay: This is a glitter topper packed with yellow, white, and creme, colored glitters for that perfect roll in the hay look for your nails! This polish is meant to be a glitter topper. It can be used over any color. 

H-equinox My Socks Off!: A gray brown creme with small gold and blue glitters. We recommend 2-3 layers or layering over white or brown. 

For Sweater or Worse: A perfect deep purple creme. You can achieve full coverage within 1-2 layers. 

You make me feel Gourdgeous: A sheer purple jelly packed with purples, blues, and gunmetal colors. You can get a full coverage of glitter in 3 layers. We recommend 2-3 layers or 1-2 layers over a purple or black. We also recommend wearing this over our lovely purple creme, For Sweater or Worse. 

Leaf Me Breathless: A yellow jelly full of fall colors. This is a jelly polish so you may see visible nail line even after 3 layers. We recommend 1-2 layers over a yellow or white.

When Hearts Kaleidoscope: A lovely cranberry creme with gold and pink glitters. You can achieve full coverage within 2 layers! 

Love is Autumnatic: This polish is a full coverage glitter polish and is Autumn in a bottle! You can achieve full coverage in 2 layers. We recommend layering this over Pumpking for an awesome Fall manicure!

Over the Harvest Moon For You: A blue jelly polish packed with the fall night sky! You will find holo glitter, moon glitter, and all kinds of different shapes and sizes all crammed into a sparkly dark blue jelly. You can achieve full coverage in 2-3 layers. We like the way this looks on its own but you can also layer it over a blue or black. 

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